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Hey, boy, can you listen to me? Can you see me? Tonight it is your lucky night, I have been watching you, studying you for days and finally I decided to get into your dreams for the first time. Let me introduce myself, I am Masked Angie, your wettest fantasy, your hottest own side who knows exactly what you like and what you enjoy in sex. I do know how to make your cock burn in pleasure, I know how to wank your dick and make it hard like. Because I am inside of you. I am in your brain, I am in your mind, I am in your deepest wishes, I am a part of them. ç You know nothing about me, where I come from or what my secrets are. jYou just can see my dark mysterious eyes and my delightful mouth whispering and talking dirty to you, that makes you even hornier. If you are a good boy, I will show up every night to guide you to jerk off like the best stud, you will have your most exciting cums in your fucking life. I will relief your body from daily stress and worries, but only if you deserve my visit. Will you be a good boy, honey? Would you like me to drive you to the hottest pleasures? Just listen to my wise words, do whatever I tell you every moment and your cock will explode like never before. Your nights will never be the same with Masked Angie by your side. But in the morning you will never remember my face... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you have so much daily accumulated stress that doesn´t let you sleeep some nights. HIGHLIGHTED: Angie´s enigmatic look and her sultry voice will melt you. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW