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The maid canceled today and now mommy has to get on all fours and scrub your shower! I might as well clean naked so mommy doesn't ruin clothing with the bleach! Wow, this is hard work....little does mommy know that her perverted son is watching mommy as she slaves to cleaning your shower floor! Watching her lush ass and those pussy lips between her legs has got you all worked up. Your young, throbbing manhood can't help but imagine all the naughty things you would do to your own mommy!!! I stand up and suddenly notice you standing there...the whole time..getting aroused as I am cleaning your shower! I ask you how long you have been standing there!!! I tell you that you should be doing this!!!! Why don't you get in the shower and help me clean ? I notice your dick poking through your pants....I ask you if mommy's ass made you aroused?!??! You admit that it has....Well today is your lucky day! Mommy never cleans her own house but today I will and I am also going to tell you how to stroke that young cock for your mommy!!! I want to see you cum! Just cum in the toilet though, mommy won't have any more clean up !!!! ENJOY