Keeping Up With The Jones

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Welcome to the neighborhood! I think you’re gonna like it around here… There’s just one little thing you should probably know before you get settled down in your new digs. I have a bit of a reputation and I feel like you should hear it from me before any of the rumors reach your ears. See, I’m a bit of the neighborhood homewrecker. I’m hot and young and responsibility free and the tied down family men on the block lust after me and my seductive ways. I’ve pretty much fucked them all. When their wives get too complacent and stop giving it up, they come to me and I show them what a real sex kitten is like. Now, I know you’re saying “But I’m a good guy, I’d never cheat!” I got news for you, buddy. All the men in the neighborhood said the same thing. And every single one of them eventually did. It’s only a matter of time