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461 5.0
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Rocklegend16 Mar 7 2018
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Rose's voice is dripping with sexual desire. Hearing how much she wants me to jerk off for her just drives me WILD and gets me so rock hard... Great video, no matter the time of year!

During the seventh night of 13 Nights of WhoreOween you'll learn the power of words and how much control they can have over you. Full of lust and longing for a release, a sensual voice comes to you and tells you to repeat exactly what it says. One, two, three. Three portraits of a beautiful and powerful witch come to life! Her looks are enchanting, her words are mesmerizing, she has you stroking before you even know it, it's almost like her words have control over you and exactly how you're stroking. One portrait of her is showing off her gorgeous breasts, the other her round ass, while the portrait in the middle tells you EXACTLY how to touch yourself. For the full series of WhoreOween visit Video themes include: Witches, vampires, Bride of Frankenstein, satanic rituals, demons, possession, nuns, ghosts, and more! Videos will include: Fingering, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal, ass to mouth, outdoor play, deepthroating, throat fucking, blowjobs, cum shots, creampies, facials, and more
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