Freebie Tuesday

Snip Snip

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Picture it, if you will. I come creeping into your house late at night. Tiptoeing past the doors of your family members, careful not to wake anyone. I slip a little something into your wife’s mouth and knock her out because what we’re about to do is bound to make some noise. I climb up on top of you, my legs wrapping around your waist. I lean forward, my tits pressing up against you as you start to stir awake from your slumb er. I press my lips up against your ear and I whisper…. “Say goodbye to your manhood.” You can’t move, I’ve paralyzed you. Your body is non-responsive but you feel everything. I put out my scissor and the sensation of the cool blade gliding down your chest makes your cock twitch. All the bl o od has rushed to your genitals. You know what’s going to happen but yet you still can’t stop your cock from throbbing. And as I begin to saw into the base of your dick, the bl o od starts to gush. And I explain in full, graphic detail the mess and the struggle that’s occurring in your bed. When all is said and done, I will be adding another cock trophy to my wall and you’ll be left with nothing between your legs, as I slip out your door, leaving you in a pool of your own fluids