Your Favorite Feet

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119 5.0
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dmc757 Oct 26 2017
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Wow!! Sexiest feet ever! love everything about you! Keep doing your thing! You are amazing!

You love my perfect, size 10 soles, don’t you? They’re your dream feet, you think about them constantly, what they smell like, what they feel like, what they taste like…. And all you can think about as you stare at my feet is how badly you’d love to rub your cock against them. You get weak imagining the sensation of each one of those wrinkles running over the shaft of your cock. Your balls tingle at the thought of my heels pushing against them as my toes and stroke your cock. And as your mind starts to race, your cock starts to drip and in very little time, you are exploding all over my feet, the hot, sticky cum dripping between my toes before making their way over my arches