Transforming Mommy W/ Mistletoe MP41080



German / Florida
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Mommy comes in your room to ask you what you would like for Christmas since the holidays are coming and Mommy is heading to the mall! You tell me to stand in the door way for a minute. I look at you and say I don't have time for your silly games today! I need to get to the mall. You secretly found magical mistletoe over the internet that is anyone stands under for 1 minute, they suddenly become tingly and very horny! I look up and say ok....I will stand under it, but you need to tell me what you want for Christmas!!! I stand under and within minutes, mommy becomes tingly from head to toe and begins touching and rubbing her pussy. She gives you that seductive look and closes your bedroom door!!! Your mistletoe has worked!!! You get very excited....your hot mom now is in your bedroom and tells you she is going to slip into her sexy Santa outfit with heels and white fishnets. Your young cock begins to stiffen and throb!!!! She teases you with her hot body and huge tits in her sexy santa outfit...and tells you to take your cock out! This is your Christmas gift!!! Mommy's soft mouth and tongue licking and sucking you!!! Cum all over my pretty face honey :) MERRY CHRISTMAS