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For the first time you can get ALL three Flight Attendant scenes for one low price! Normally $70 if purchases individually you can get all 3 scenes with over 1 and a half hours for only $49.99. Heres what each scene is about: *****The 1st scene is "Flight Delay" Both Hope Harper & Cherry Morgan's first girl-girl scene and Cherry Morgan's last scene! Right at 40 minutes of hot girl on girl action! The story begins with Hope in her hotel room longing for Cherry. She pulls out a picture to remind her of the love and lust the two share! After leaving their boyfriends these two just cant get enough of each other! Cherry surprises Hope at the hotel when she finds her flight has been delayed. Kissing, licking and a lot of toy play with a hot pink double ended vibrator and a strap-on Hope and Cherry call "Hank". This is a one of a kind video you won't find anywhere else! *** The 2nd scene is "Layover Lesbians"Layover Lesbians" the steamy sequel to "Flight Delay" is here! Hope stands from her balcony, smokes a cigarette and looks out over the city. With each drag, she thinks of love lost. Her friend Kendra comes over after work and the two talk, Kendra comforts Hope...the talk ends soon as these two make their way to the kitchen. Hope undresses Kendra and the two soon move the excitement to the bedroom. The two play with toys and really get off squirting and having intense orgasms! The two can't stop so they join each other in the bathroom from some hot strap on sex! Watch Kendra fuck Hope in the shower and see they pleasure in both girls eyes! ***The 3rd scene is "Early Arrival" The latest in the Flight Attendant series with Hope Harper! This scene features Reagan Lush, an attendant with huge tits staying over at Hope's apartment. Reagan was "supposed" to be house sitting but finds much more to do than water the plants and feed the fish. Reagan stumbles on Hope's toys and begins to play after having some chocolate covered strawberries. Unsuspecting to Reagan, Hope arrives home early from a flight and finds Reagan on her counter masturbating with her Wanachi vibrator! After a moment of Hope and Reagan being embarrassed the two get hot and heavy in the kitchen which then leads to the bedroom. Hope gets her strap-on and gives it to Reagan in every position she can think of!***Contains the following erotic elements: LESBIAN - STRAP ON - CIGARETTE SMOKING - DILDO - VIBRATOR - STRAWBERRY EATING*** Starring: Hope Harper, Cherry Morgan, Reagan Lush, & Kendra Heart***Ask about CUSTOM VIDEOS***