Underwater Lap Dance Seduction


Star Nine

American / California
26:35 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 987.29 MB


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Playful Jay Taylor surprises her older sister, Star with a fun underwater sex game. <br><br> Returning home from work, Star finds her favorite lounge chair missing with a folded up note in it's place. <br><br> <i>"If you're looking for the chair, I'll give a clue. It's almost as wet as I am. Find it, and get a prize. Jay P.S. You'll need the proper attire for this party."</i> <br><br> Star peers down into the pool to discover Jay lounging underwater on her chair! Smiling & shaking her head, she walks over to the pool steps where Jay has left a package - bikini, weight belt, goggles - everything necessary for an underwater adventure. <br><br> Star suits up & joins her sister in the pool. They make-out for a bit before Jay pushes Star down onto the chair for a hands-off lap dance tease. Reprimanding Star whenever she tries to touch herself, Jay has her squirming in anticipation by the time both sisters are naked. Then it's no holds barred as the girls get into a full on underwater orgasm competition, licking and fingering each other to one submerged orgasm after another