Feels Like the First Time

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Bettie Bondage

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1,112 5.0
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shingler - Top reviewer Oct 21 2017
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This film is a wonderful example of what I love about this artist and this site. It's simple and quietly sexy while focusing on her range of facial expressions and gift for evoking your sweetest youthful fantasies. I have had a membership (a terrific value with this site, by the way) so I have a lot of her best stuff. But if I could choose only one that I could keep, this would probably be it. Perfect.

After months of flirting - little glances, gestures, a touch on the hand that lingered a bit too long, or a kiss goodbye that felt like something more - you and your mother finally spoke the words you've both secretly longed to say. You want each other. You've decided to get a hotel room for the weekend. You'll have dinner. A date. A date with your own mother! It sounds insane, but it's all you want. When you get back to the hotel, you're both nervous. Shy smiles, tentative movements as you decide to lay down. "We can just lay here," your mother says, "we don't have to do anything. It's a big decision, there's no turning back..." but as you lay side by side, watching your mother's breasts rise and fall with her nervous breath, the curve of them through the thin material of her dress, you know the last thing you want is to turn back. You reach out, touching your mother as she moans, urging you to touch her, put your fingers inside her, lick her, fuck her...feeling your mother cum on your hand, your tongue, your cock, is heaven. You listen to her beg for her own son's cum in her pussy, as you let go, filling your mother's wet quim with a thick, heavy load