Michael's Silver Hologram Thong



American / Kentucky
16:21 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 1.40 GB - 1440x1080 HD


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Wearing a super hot thong for my buyer Michael, and soaking it with my cum before taking it off (and sealing it up for shipping to my buyer) for the last time. I use one of my purple vibrators to have a hard orgasm, and get them really good and wet. I think the name may be said in this one a few times. If you would like a thong for yourself, or have a custom video order request, email me at kinkyexecutive@outlook.com~ follow me @kinkyexecutive on Twitter Keywords thongs, thong, thong fetish, panty fetish, panty stuffing, thong stuffing, wet thong, dirty thong, smelly thong, worn thong, worn panties, wet panties, smelly panties, dirty panties, masturbation , vibrator, solo masturbation, orgasm, soaking thong, cum, cumming, watch me cum, thong wear, panty wear, thong modeling, big tits, blonde, MILF, MILFs, legs, huge boobs, huge tits, nudity