Sh! Eater

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Bratty Jamie

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357 5.0
10:00 min - Oct 11 - .WMV - 193.77 MB - 720x576


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paulsmall - Top reviewer Dec 10 2017
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This was very teasing. Would love to see a closer view but I take whatever you give.

Request: UR scantily dressed(short skirt, no undies), Looking down at male bound on floor. Throughout clip u laugh, giggle, taunt, use strong language & alt between face front & back 2 camera showing ass while looking down at slave over shoulder (with some close-ups of butt). Ur sadist who luvs 2 humiliate helpless unwill*g males with ur ass & sh! (not caviar/chocolate but vile sh!/feces). U turn, spread ass cheeks, show him ur anus (U do this throughout), saying this is where ur next & last meal is coming from. My sh! will b only food for rest of life until I get pleasure of feeling u ch0k 2 death on my feces. Before then I'm going 2 make u eat my vile nasty sh! multiple times a day, no matter what form, from 18" thick logs 2 diarrhea while inflicting pain. U will resist but its futile. I always make victims eat including ur brother. That's right ur brother. I k!l*d him after 2 weeks of t0rt*re, I sat on his face & looked right into his pathetic eyes while I shat the life out of him. It was hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing Now its ur turn (spread your ass open, look down over ur shoulder smiling). Time 2 eat my sh!. I'm going 2 defecate into ur mouth nice &slow so u can savor ur new cuisine. I'm going 2 f0r*e u 2 eat my vile waste right from my ass into ur mouth while I sit on ur face & laugh. End clip Now open up slave & eat my sh!. When I'm done I better feel ur tongue deep in my anus licking out every speck of excrement or your younger brother will be next. Laughing