All the Holes

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Emmas Secret Life

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Fethry deleted Oct 11 2017

That outfit!

Fethry deleted - Top reviewer Oct 16 2017
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Second part might not be everyones cup of tea (though pro tip: there is a g-spot there), but I'm sure you could endure as long as you get to see Emma in this outfit.
Emma, I'm quite certain you in that outfit could convince me to do pretty much anything you'd like. And the same goes for my videos no, it doesn't really matter what I write, they turn out great anyways!

Thank you so much Fethry! So very glad you liked it! And thanks for the hot corset as well! 😍

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) Scene 1: Wedding night, you both have saved yourself for the marriage and are now ready to lose your virginity to each other. For it to be valid, all the holes need to be filled (blowjob, vaginal & anal penetration). End the scene lying on your side talking to the camera, make some cuddling / playful motions towards him if ready for next round.. which obviously is where the husband get some rest Scene 2: ..but you're not done, there is still one more hole to be filled. After his rest he see's you with strap on and noticed  You both clearly had different opinions what's involved with male virginity, but for you there is one more hole to be filled, and wives get it their way one way or another. Notes: Script intentionally left short to make room for your creativity. If I'd add something it could be that after waking up you spend some time having both your face and the strap-on in the shot. This could be you sitting or kneeling in bed, close to the camera while lubing / stroking strap-on. This builds up anticipation and leaves some time for the husband to realise that this is happening. Clothing, scene 1White robe. You can wear white lingerie under the robe, I'll leave this up to you. Clothing, scene 2Leather corset and any accessories you see fit