Savannah is the Ultimate fighting champ


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
8:45 min - Oct 11 - .MP4 - 778.48 MB


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Savannah is the ultimate fighting women's champion of the MMA league. When she runs into a fellow MMA Champ at the tennis courts. He immediately starts bragging about himself informing Savannah that he is now the #1 champion in the league. He won the men's title match. Not impressed, Savannah tells him hes not really the #1 champion of the league, hes just #1 on the men's side. After all she is the champ of the women's team and he has not beaten her. Confident he tells Savannah he would easily win in a match against her. Hes way bigger and stronger. Insulted Savannah then challenges him to a fight but there will be some stipulations. Shes going to record their fight for the whole world to see who is the true champion. Also just to add insult to injury the loser will have to be the winners maid! Shawn quickly agrees to the terms, hes sure to win. They shake on it and Savannah says she will even have a legal contract drawn up for their match. The two agree to meet at her place next Friday to duke it out. When Shawn shows up at her place she points out the camera and has him sign the contract on camera. The pair don boxing gloves and the fight is on