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Ellie Idol

American / Westeros
2,865 5.0
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RSP_59 Jan 6
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When I saw the combination of Ellie and Asuka in one video, I knew it was an automatic purchase for me. I had enormously high expectations of course, but it exceeded even those. Excellent work - Ellie never disappoints.

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This is amazing, and ellie is amazing. Her roleplay is perfect and her body is so hot. She is #1 and she shows you why. I am very happy that i got this video, and it is worth every penny.

uglypaul - Top reviewer Dec 28
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I have not seen an Asuka porno that is better Ellie

Andy34nz - Top reviewer Nov 13 2017
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Awesome clip you were very hot as Asuka .

quot;Guten Morgen," Asuka says as she arouses you. She's bored and wants to play! She unbuttons her shirt, exposing her breasts before she goes for a ride on your cock. She's SO GOOD at piloting your unit. After all, Asuka IS #1, ja? She hops off and demands you work for her pussy. "Fick Mich Härter," she moans... You leave her satisfied and filled with cum. If you're an Asuka fan, you'll love this cosplay clip