Boyfriend films me serving BBC

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asdfasdf101010 Oct 31 2017

loved your vid
i'm a big fan.

i loved the vid where the dom asks "is he taking your ass?" and she moans "yesss..."
apparently the bbc had taken her ass without asking and she loved it.

haveabbcinme Dec 24 2017
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Something so right about a white couple getting blacked owned even better the white husband knows hes there to clean his white wife after.

AVBabes - Top reviewer Sep 19
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Very HOT! Thank you!

liubei Feb 17 2018
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really nice video angle , imagine a creampie video with this camera angle :)

Best 3 letter review ever !! <3

Arikajira - Top reviewer Dec 9 2017
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Wonderful video! X

For anyone who watched our last video, you already know what this is! This is the footage my boyfriend filmed on his phone while my black daddy slid his huge cock in me. This is the same night as the one we posted an HOUR long video from, so if you haven't seen that video yet... Here's a little taste ;-) Oh..... I made this little video free because my boyfriend couldn't keep his freaking hands off his dick (that's why the cameras a little shaky)!! I thought you should know that... Enjoy