Freebie Tuesday

Roman Mistress Teases Her Foot Slave

807 5.0

Ariel Anderssen

British / UK
807 5.0
32:31 min - Oct 13 - .MOV - 983.33 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Legs to die for!

Legs to die for!!!

Spunknik deleted Oct 15 2017
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Such a delightful, sustained performance - searingly erotic. The soupcon of cruelty truly hits the spot. Miss Anderssen surely knows her audience and can always be trusted to showcase her wrinkled soles perfectly. One for the connoisseur.

Ha, I love my new young foot slave! But that doesn't mean that I pamper you. Actually, quite the opposite, I decide to test your resolve by teasing you mercilessly with my glorious bare feet while instructing you to strip naked an masturbate before me. But I shall decide whether or not you shall be allowed to ejaculate or not. Absolute obedience is what I require from all my slaves, and most especially my new young barbarian foot slave. Because I plan to keep you around for a long time to come