Puffy Down Jacket POV BJ Cum on Tongue

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Brittany Lynn loves to wear shiny puffy down jackets for you and she loves to mix and match them with other items of clothing to drive you wild. She is wearing a huge green down jacket that is very shiny and puffy and goes so nicely with the PVC Capri leggings she is wearing. She takes just a moment to pose for you and then calls you over to her. Once you are to her she gets down on her knees intent on taking advantage of your puffy down jacket fetish. She start to first give you a handjob and then goes right to a blow job. She sucks your cock so good and makes all the sloppy smacking sounds you could ever want. If she is not slurping on your cock with a nice blow job, she is jerking it while giving you some unreal dirty talk about her down jacket. She unzips the down jacket a bit and lets it fall on her shoulders. She even teases your cock on her big tits, still covered up by the down jacket. She makes it clear that she wants your cum and not only that, she wants to eat it. With that, she goes after your cumshot with another sloppy and slippery blow job. When you start to cum she sticks her tongue out and catches the cum on it like it is a spoon. She then shows off the huge cumload you put in her mouth. She lets you know she is going to swallow it and then like a good cum swallower, she takes it all down in one big gulp. She then sticks her tongue out to prove all the cum is gone and thanks you for the fun she got to have with you in her puffy down jacket. Included in this clip: Down Jacket, Shiny Clothing, PVC, POV, Blow Job, Blowjob, Handjob, Dirty Talk, Puffy Jacket, Shiny Jacket, PVC Leggings, Cumshot, Cum on Tongue, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowers, Show Off Cum, Blondes, Brittany Lynn