BBW Wednesday Adams SPH



Russian / Las Vegas, Nevada
6:17 min - Oct 21 - .MP4 - 328.62 MB - 1280x720 HD


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My first ever SPH video and I go ham on your tiny dick. I've never seen anything smaller than that so I have to give you all of my opinion! And trust me I've seen some dicks but yours? Yours is just pathetic. Listen to me while I tell you how sad your little pin dick is and how useless it is to the human race. Tags: bbw, bbw goddess, sph, humiliation, small penis humiliation, halloween, cosplay, all natural, wednesday adams, All natural, amateur, bbw, sph, sph humiliation by bbw, bbw sph, bbw goddess, belly, belly fetish, big boobs, big tits, brunette, sph, bbw sph, sph humiliation, small penis, eye contact, eye fetish, fair skin, fat, hair, hairy, hairy bush, home video, huge boobs, huge tits, ink, jiggle, legs, lipstick fetish, long hair, long nails, makeup, moaning fetish, nails, nudity / naked, puffy tits, tattoos, HD, 1080, bbw sph, small penis humiliation, sph, bbw makes fun of dick, making fun of, small penis, small dick
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