Nurse Peach Drains the Bank



American / Florida
23:59 min - Oct 16 - .MP4 - 653.98 MB


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Naughty Peaches has found the ultimate way to make you go broke. I found out you like strong powerful woman and you cant resist them... you have an urge to submit... and urge to worship... and urge to sacrifice everything. As I inhale and exhale my cigarette your cock grows and gets hard, when I start letting you in on my little plan you get harder, as I strip my clothes off slowly only to reveal my perfect curvy naked body your cock wants to explode, but you know that isnt allowed. I want you to work for this load, I want you to sacrifice for this load, I want you to bring yourself to the edge again and again stroking for this perfect body. Mommy wants more, mommy wants you to give everything to me, make that bitch wife work for me too, your only desire is to feed my greed. If you want that happy ending and to cum you better follow my instructions