Jessica Starling
Fetish Friday




British / ARIZONA
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Goldie gets a gift from a fan but when she opens the box a not inside tells her he is a young guy living with his Mom and he painted the model Nascars for her to play with and in exchange he wants to meet her in person to play with her big tits!...Goldie laughs saying that'll never happen but she'll have some fun with the cars as she rolls one over her breasts saying this is as close he will get to her breasts before telling the car fun time is over for it as she drops it on the ground trampling slowly with her cowboy boots full weight saying how much she loves the snap crackle and pop it makes shame she cant feel it's squirming under her heavy boots crushing it til it's just fragments...Goldie does the same to the other two cars letting them briefly roll their wheels over her giant tits before jumping, stamping and crushing them all into a pile of trash to be put back in the box they came stomped down and returned to sender