Wanna Make Each Other Sneeze



American / Your Head
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Vicki and Todd are having a quiet night at home reading. Vicki is feeling bored and asks Todd if he would like to make each other sneeze. He looks a little nervous but agrees anyway. Vicki takes her special sneezing potion and puts it under Todd's nose. Immediately he begins to feel his nose itch. She gives him another whiff of her favorite sneezing potion and he's totally helpless. He begins slowly building up the sneeze anticipation. His eyes water and he hitches. Vicki laughs and teases him as the intensity grows. She decides she wants to beat Todd to the sneezing attack so she sniffs her sneezing potion and immediately starts coughing and gasping as her eyes water. She teases out a deep sneeze and not long after Todd erupts into a sneezing fit. They are both coughing and laughing as Todd is helpless and cannot control his sneezes. Vicki wipes his nose and face gently. Vicki then teases out more of her own sneezes. Todd is feeling excited and by her sneezes and decides to tease her by stifling her sneezes. Vicki squeals in frustration and declares, "You stole my sneeze!" After the sneezing has subsided, they both blow their noses. They are so turned on that they start making out with stuffy, runny noses