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German / Florida
15:19 min - Dec 29 - .MP4 - 500.52 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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It's just you and me this year honey! I know you could have went out buy you decided to stay home and ring in the new year with me!!! So i have made us a delicious homemade dinner!! Your favorite too!!! Steak!!! And mommy bought some of the best champagne too!!! Oh don't worry, mommy won't dr1nk too much! Oopps , I already spilled champagne on my top...let me soak it so it doesn't don't mind if Mommy is topless do you? Let's move over to the couch....I want to be more comfortable than at this, this champagne is so good...Let's have a toast....cheers! To us!!! Oh dear...mommy is getting a little ....ummm...wet down there...listen....can you hear how wet mommy is? This New Year's I have a craving for my boy's young cock,....I just want you to slip it inside me....I want to feel you...feel my boy's stiffened cock inside me!!! Happy New Years Honey