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It's our special night, our honeymoon night! I am dressed in this sexy little teddy but don't get too excited loser....I am not dressed sexy for you, but for the hot black guy I saw at our gym...that's right...I need a proper fucking especially on our wedding night! You better get used to this too.....I only married you for your wallet! Your tiny cock will never please me! I am a Queen and I need queen size cock!!! But don't worry darling, I made a comfortable spot for you in the closet and you can peek through the door and watch him fuck me in every position! I ordered the most expensive champagne (compliments of you! lol) ...oh and best part!!! I am ovulating! So I am sure his huge BBC and cum load will make a baby that has a huge we can stop passing the tiny dick gene down through the family! And of course honey, I will save you some of his black jizz to slurp up!!! Don't fill up on food, I want to make sure your belly is full of BBC jizz!! ENJOY