Sleepwalking Son Fucks Mom



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This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, The Cock Ninja, mom/son, son is prescribed new medication for his insomnia, side effects include hallucinations and sle.epwalking, mom is on the phone w/ her friend when son begins sle.epwalking naked, innocent touching turns into groping, fingering, stripping, mom is afraid to wake son up, tells her friend not to get off the phone with her, crying, mortified, scared, horrified, finger sucking, handjob, missionary, doggystyle, cum on ass** My sweet boy was struggling with insomnia. Night after night, I saw him unsuccessfully attempt to fall asle.ep, and when he woke up in the morning for school, he was exhausted. His insomnia was starting to affect his health, and I got numerous calls about his grades slipping in class. After trying some common sle.eping aids - night time tea, Melatonin, breathing exercises, etc. - it was time to call the doctor. The doctor offered a number of medications, and once we agreed on one that fit my son's needs, got the prescription filled. Oh, I was thrilled! Although the doctor mentioned that there were some possible side effects such as hallucinations and sleepwalking, my son was finally sle.eping peacefully. I stayed up in the living room, chit-chatting with my friend about the new medication, and how well it was working. My son stumbled in, his eyes closed, and I immediately covered my eyes. I'll be honest - I couldn't help giggling as he walked around and softly brushed my hair with his fingertips. I didn't want to wake him up. Can you imagine how traumatized he would be if he saw himself standing naked in front of his mom? I assumed he was experiencing one of the side effects that the doctor had mentioned, and hoped that he'd just stumble back into his room. But...things started to get weird. The cute hair brushing turned into something...more, and I didn't know what to do. He started groping me, and I begged my friend to stay on the phone with me. The groping turned into stripping me down, and....I can't even tell you the rest - I was mortified. My son really had no idea what he was doing...and he wouldn't remember. If he woke up, what would he think? That his mom was some sort of sick pervert? I couldn't wake him up. I mean, who would ever think that it would go this far