Real Prostitution scene 13



Belgian / Bruxelles
19:34 min - Oct 11 - .MP4 - 1.41 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Like i said, in the comments of the clip of "real scene of prostitution 12", some customers was coming back often. This one, the same than clip 12, was so cool to let me sometimes recording the scene of our meeting! How to share more better than that......some "live moment" of fucking without preparation except putting a camera in a corner! In this clip, i am wearing a tight short leather skirt and and a cotton top! at my feet, some comfortable pink suede high heels Louboutin with platform. Like everytime with him, i start with a blow job, he's licking my pussy, and he s fucking me in missionary position! The traditionnal "Doggy Style" and i'm riding him and kissing him deeply to make so horny that he couldn't resist to come! and when i feel him too horny, i take the position under him to get his sperm in my mouth! Job done! :) and Well done! i am inviting you, my dear fans, to check what a good prostitute is doing when she's working good