Post Photoshoot Fun

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Eli Lincoln

American / Massachusetts
632 5.0
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Duncan_Last_Name Oct 13 2017
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Eli is the innocent, smooth, slim nerdy kid next door whom you secretly undress in your mind - with whose ass and cock you've wished to satiate your basest lust - whose young flesh you'd like to caress and taste before you bury your cock deep inside him - whom you've always pictured in your mind jacking off alone in his room as you see him around the neighborhood; whose voice you've always imagined being spent in moans, cuss words and grunts as he's about to cum all over himself - about whom you can't stop thinking even when jerking to other dudes, imagining how greedily this loveable nerd could devour and ride even a cock long & thick like Pringles can.

So come, indulge yourself in the neighborhood's dirty little secret: the young kid next door who's the best piece of ass this side of the Mississippi.

Often whenever I take photos of myself I can't help but touch myself and have to "take care of business&quot