Mom & Son Start a Family - Impregnation



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This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Cock Ninja, mom/son, mom and son are in love, have been sneaking around hiding their relationship from dad, mom sneaks into son's room, intimate, romantic, passionate, kissing, making out, tit groping, nipple licking/sucking, ass grabbing, ass squeezing, love making, sex, riding, cowgirl, missionary, impregnation, creampie, starting a family, breeding, ovulating, pregnant** I don't know how it happened or how it started. My son and I were always close, but the last few months, we went into the forbidden, unknown area that family should never go. To love family is normal, but to be in love with someone in your family is...another story. It's said to be disgusting, wrong, inappropriate...and I admit, I felt the same way before all this happened - before all these feelings. Jon was always there for me. He'd comfort me when I was upset, spend time with me watching TV when I was lonely, and god, did I think he was handsome. His father, my husband, never gave me the attention I craved, didn't satisfy me physically, but something about Jon's presence comforted me when I wasn't happy. And the crazy part was that I could tell he felt the same way about me. The way his eyes lit up when he saw me, the way he smiled at me...I never felt so special. I remember our first intimate and loving it felt, and how I never wanted it to go away. It was hard to keep our love a secret. As much as I wanted to tell the world, I knew they'd judge us. My son and I would sneak in affectionate, sweet moments, and we were careful not to let his father find out. But Jon often felt guilty...he cared about his father, and he didn't feel like it was right to sneak behind his back. I wasn't going to let this fade away from me - I couldn't. I was honestly, truly, head over heels in love with my son. I waited until night before I snuck into his room. "Honey, wake up," I shook his arm. "Be quiet, your dad's asl.eep." He was disoriented from waking up, but once he realized why I was in there, he reminded me that we shouldn't be doing this anymore. I pressed my lips against his, and he pushed me away. I didn't give up. He knew that we belonged together, and I told him that we could get away from everything and finally be together. We could start our own family, be happy together, and we wouldn't have to hide our love. All he had to do was get me pregnant...and we'd be able to do everything we ever talked about