Fetish Friday

Locktober 2 - Topless Tease


Candy Glitter

American / United States
11:02 min - Oct 11 - .MP4 - 296.18 MB


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I love teasing you while you’re locked up in that cage. Today you get a very special tease! I am going to tease you with my perfect tits. You are addicted to my tits, it’s no secret. Too bad you can’t stroke! I want your cage to grow tight for me. I want it to ache. Sometimes when I play with my tits I get so turned on, and I just have to touch myself. Watch as I rub my hands over my panties and moan with pleasure. Don't you wish you could play with yourself? This clip is part of my Locktober series. Buy the intro clip first to be a part of locktober
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