Cheating Friend

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Pandora has invited her good friend Constance over. While they're catching up on the couch, Pandora admits her life has sucked lately, since she found out her boyfriend Tim had been cheating on her. Meanwhile, Constance is excited about her new boyfriend.. To celebrate, Pandora pours them both drinks--vodka, Constance's favorite. Constance gets woozy. When she wakes up, her feet are tied. She's very confused...Pandora admits she'd been out for two hours and that she tied Constance's feet to tickle her, to make her confess that..CONSTANCE is the one who's been helping Pandora's boyfriend cheat! Constance at first refuses to admit the truth, but after Pandora tickles her feet and toes mercilessly, she finally admits that she'd been seeing Pandora's boyfriend. But she tells Pandora it's HER fault, because she wasn't having sex with the guy. Pandora tells Constance that her boyfriend lied! They have sex every other day! They both start laughing, thinking about what a dumb liar Pandora's boyfriend is, and end up plotting revenge..but not before Pandora makes Constance laugh her ass off from having her feet tickled