HD Striptease and Dance - Custom Vid

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128 4.5
5:37 min - Nov 02 - .WMV - 33.74 MB - 640x480


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mauricef - Top reviewer Nov 13
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There's lots of bouncing :) Bouncing boobs, and booty bouncing.

Steve0oh - Top reviewer Oct 12
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WOW....this clip left me breathless.I loved it!

This is a custom video - I would like a dance striptease. Start off in a bikini or just a simple top and bottom and be fully nude after about a minute and a half. Position the camera so that it captures from your knees to your head. I would love to see you dancing equally from the front as well as from behind. Try to have good lighting and don't chew any gum. Also send the video with the live audio track (i.e. the audio recorded by the camera). You can use one of the following tracks from my google drive. The 2nd one is a bit faster. You can choose the one you prefer. Tags: Nudity/Naked, Ebony Milf, Strip Tease