Son Makes Mom Fall in Love - Magic Spray



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11:04 min - Oct 11 - .MP4 - 1.25 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Cock Ninja, mom/son, son is in love with mom but knows he can't be with her, obsessed son, magic control, brainwashed, mind control, buys a special spray concoction of beautiful scents and pheromones that make someone fall madly in love with you, sprays multiple times, mom is sweet & complimentary, wants to spend all her time w/ son, striptease, tit groping, ass grabbing, ass smacking, masturbation, begging for sex, handjob, sex, fucking, missionary, blowjob, doggystyle, creampie, impregnation, impregnation talk, cum in pussy, breeding, insemination, ovulating, fertile, pregnant, MILF** I was in love with her. Her golden, highlighted hair, blue eyes, and perfect, sweet personality. I tried not to be, but no matter who I dated or tried to distract myself with, they didn't come close to her. Mom was everything. I decided to give it one last shot. Time after time, I had broken down and admitted my feelings for her, but she denied me. "It's wrong, Jon," she said in a sweet tone. And I knew it was, but that didn't make the feelings go away. I sat beside her on the couch, scooted really close up to her, but she pushed me away. "Baby, there's a whole couch," she said. "You know how much I like my space." I tried again, but I knew what was going to happen. She never wanted what I wanted - if only we weren't related. I bought a special concoction of beautiful scents and pheromones that, when inhaled, made someone fall madly in love with you. Well, that depended on how many sprays you gave them. If I sprayed once, Mom would be sweet and complimentary, suggesting that we spend more time together. If I sprayed, say 5 or 6 times, I'd most likely have what I wanted. After getting rejected, I sprayed the concoction in front of her face. "Honey, what is that?" she asked, and then sighed and rolled her eyes in pleasure. She couldn't stop telling me how good I looked, her fingers running through my hair, and was eager to spend all her time with me. Another spray, and she wanted me to tell her how beautiful she was. "Honey, would you like to see my body? Will...will you touch me?" she asked. She stripped down, and then guided my hand onto her flawless body. "I love you so much, honey." She started touching herself uncontrollably, and I felt my cock twitch. One more spray, and she was begging to touch me. "Mommy just really, really needs sex, please," she said desperately. But rather than fuck her right away, I figured why not warm her up first. I suggested that she masturbate and her face lit up, "Oh, anything you want, baby. I'll do anything...anything you want." I let her hand slide against my hard cock, and ran mine against her tight pussy. I finally put it inside of her, and she was overwhelmed. One more spray couldn't hurt. As I fucked her, she started talking about being with me forever. She wanted me to cum inside of her, to impregnate her, so that we could have a family and be happy together. She was madly in love with me, just like I always wanted