A Needle Spoon Fork and Balloons



American / United States
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Do you like my balloons? They are so pretty, aren't they? Too bad I'm going to pop them all! :-) You better enjoy them while they are here. Which color is your favorite? I bring out a needle, a spoon, and a fork to help pop all of these balloons. I tease you as I press them into the balloons until they burst. Slowly pressing some, while quickly popping others. I also have fun nail popping, sit popping, and humping some of them. I squeal as many of the balloons burst. I had so much fun! After popping a few balloons, I even strip down to wearing only my panties, giving you an extra bit of eye candy while I pop them. I run the needle against my boobs before popping a balloon with it. Lots of playful and sexy teasing
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