Mom's Sex Addiction - Mom Fucks Son



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This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Cock Ninja, mom/son, mom has been going to sexaholic meetings, has urges every time she goes to the meetings because of the stories she hears while she's there, asks son to help her instead of fucking some random guy, son is uncomfortable but gives in because he wants to help his mom, dirty talk, handjob, sensual blowjob, fucking, sex, POV sex, missionary, cho.king, cum shot** I was really proud of my mom...I knew it had to be embarrassing. At least she was going to her sexaholic meetings, and she was trying to get better. I knew she loved Dad - she just had a problem. She loved us, too, and I knew that's why she was trying to make the marriage work. But it was hard for Mom. She'd come home from her meetings and tell me all these horrible things she wanted to do with strangers. "These meetings, I feel, like, they should be helping me. And you sit around, and everyone tells their stories, but um..." she nervously began to explain, "listening to the makes it worse - I was wet." Her face turned red, and I felt my face heat up. It was crazy to hear her talk like this, but I tried to keep an open mind - after all, she had an addiction. Mom was so sweet. All she wanted was someone to talk to about the way she felt and the things that she was tempted to do. "You're family, I need your help," she said desperately holding my hand. "Can you help me? You don't have to have experience. I just - and this is fucked up - just have to have that taste of cock in my mouth. That's - that's something I crave." She was serious. Rather than go out and fuck some random stranger, she thought it was better if I helped her instead. Maybe she was right. At least she wouldn't be sucking some dude's dick in the park again. And since I was family, it wouldn't be so bad. I could tell Mom was trying, so maybe if I helped her out this time, it'd help take the edge off. I'd do anything for my mom, I just wanted her to get better