Suddenly older! You are spying me, naked



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It is early in the morning, the rays of sunlight come into to my room through the window. I am sleeeping on my bed almost fully nude, I love sleeeping like this and feel the touch of the sheets on my skin. I am wearing just a blue thong. I wake up and open my eyes slowly. I stretch my body out. It is a radiant day. But something is about to happen. Something I never had thought of. Something unbelievable and magical. Suddenly I check my own body, and it has changed! What the hell is this? Is this the body of a little girl? Absolutely not. Something happened last night while I was sleeeping, this is not my body anymore. This is an adult woman´s body! I am shocked, really frightened. I watch my nude body with my eyes wide open. I touch and grab my tits, they are bigger now! I look at my pussy under my thong, now it is a bit hairy. And I am taller. Oh my God, I can´t believe this. Am I on a scary movie? I am asmost crying! I take my thong off and touch my pussy now, my legs apread.I stand up and go to the mirror. My shock is even bigger. I am a sexy young woman now. I touch my tits, butt and body over and over again. My feeling is nicer now. But wait... I suddenly see a shadow behing the door. Is there anybody there? Who is it? Yes... there you are, pervert. Who are you? Why are you hidden in my room, why are you spying me? Are you the guilty of my sudden body transformation? Do you want to see me nude? Is that your motivation? Ok, look at me, come on. Now you don´t have to hide anymore. Look at my perfect body, this is your creation. I like it and I like you looking at me. I enjoy flirting and provoking you, yeah, I am a tease and I love it. My new body makes me horny. I will get down on all fours for you so as you can see my asshole better. Then I will open my legs, I will bend down while caressing my body. Do you like it? Answer me.... do you? Yes, you do. Thank you so much for turning me into a hot young girl. This is going to be very funny. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: You feel naughty and want to play with my feelings. HIGHLIGHTED: My full nude... front and back. And that double point of view with the mirror. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW