Public toilet pee and super self wedgie



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It has been a while since I last visited a public toilet, and it is about time to celebrate this hot moment with a very special edition: today I went to a department store and I thought of dedicating you a super self wedgie in my flexible thong. While the music and some women´s voices resound outside, delight yourself with me peeing and sitting on the seat of the toilet, my coloured high heels in the air at the very forefront of the cam, so exciting! Then, get ready to enjoy the central theme of this magic moment; I squat at ground level and give myself a super wedgie, first watch my butt going up and down and my asshole beeing highly rubbed by the minimalistic strip of my thong. Then I turn around and you will contemplate a super wedgie which gets up high to my tits, this makes my pussy hole slightly covered by my thong! At the same time, I squat, shaking my pussy, a hard exercise for my quadriceps. You will never forget my camel toe and my sensual movements in this amazing public wedgie to your health. Finally, I pull my pants up and I dare to go outside still with my wedgie under them... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: when in public, it always tastes better. HIGHLIGHTED: my pussy shaking in that spectacular wedgie. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW