Nurse Orders A Bigger Sample



American / Fetish Land
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You've been called back into the sperm donation center, and they didn't really explain anything on the phone. Sitting in the waiting room, you're just not quite sure. You donated last week. Was something wrong? The nurse comes in with a clipboard, looking at it like she's not quite sure where to start with you. She's fairly blunt though - your sample was not enough. Sometimes they throw them out if they aren't enough, but they don't want them to go to waste really - so she decided to call you in for a "redo". There isn't anything subtle about it though, as she assumes you were in and out so quickly that there was no way you left anything sufficient. She looks at the clipboard again as confirmation washes over her face - YES, you ARE that guy who comes in and out of here within TWO MINUTES. Well, you have no problem doing this. She isn't leaving the room though. It's a big deal to her that you give a proper sample, so she's going to watch and help you in your "sufficient" donation