Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

ABDL Mommy Babysitter changes yur diaper



Canadian / Las Vegas
11:55 min - Oct 12 - .WMV - 283.98 MB - 720x480


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Your sweet ABDL adultbaby babysitter Nikki is reading a fun Pony story to you and then she notices a very stinky smell! PEEE-YOU!! Is that smell coming from your diaper? Well it happens but she'd like a little bit of warning next time there's a big explosion like that! She matter of factly changes your brown mess in there....having to use lots of baby wipes to get that bum nice & clean before spreading diaper rash cream in there & then powdering you! Nice dry clean tushy now!! Now it's boba time before she gets you dressed to go to the park! Such a sweet babysitter, yet so embaressing when you had your little mess