Lick, Tickle, Fondle



American / Las Vegas
8:46 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 333.61 MB


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Welcome to Sgt. Sablique's Sexy Boot Camp! The new recruits are eager to see what Sgt. Sablique has in store for them... However, upon entering, Sablique finds the recruits insubordinate and out of formation. Luckily, she knows just the way to put the recruits in their place. With an almost playful tone in her voice, Sgt. Sablique informs the unwary recruits of their imminent fates.... She begins with lick, wrapping her long, luscious tongue around her first recruit, before moving on to an even more deviant form of discipline. The second recruit is subjected to torturous tickling from the long, sharp nails of Sgt. Sablique. Finally, she implements her unique method of fondling the last recruit into submission. Once her evaluations are complete, Sgt. Sablique begins to tell the recruits where they will be placed. However, the recruits see differently, and band together for a sexy mutiny! Check out this one of a kind clip that features the marvelous Sablique being taken down by three sexy ladies