Real Scene of Prostitution 15

2,404 5.0


Belgian / Bruxelles
2,404 5.0
28:42 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 1.66 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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Jshfan15 Oct 12 2017

Love ! It was great moment !

Metalhead109 - Top reviewer Mar 9
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Fantastic video it’s always a pleasure seeing Julie deepthroat and have a good fuck!

Thanks metalhead!

FrenchLickIndiana deleted - Top reviewer Dec 1 2017
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I Lovvv Julie's ensembLe, 1st off. BruneTTe cascading over tan fur & red leather, worLd's best & SMALLest skirT, the sLow seductive Leaning & LiLTing of her stunning legs. The streetwalking & sex are -NOT- fiLmed at fancy, professional angles. If you crave that, some of Julie's other vids are for you. The mondogonzo aspect of one-camera, sorta-obscureLy-angled amateur fucking with -nonscripTed- passion is what this vid is worth the $ for.

julieskyhigh Dec 1 2017

well said. 😘

For that clip, my cameraman was hidden in his car when he was recording me working in the street! you can imagine easily that other prostitutes or customers doens't like camera in the street! watch me waiting my next customer, giving my prices to few drivers, to finally beeing pick up by one to the hooker hotel! i asked that customer to handle my mini camera, what he did! so, you have the professionnal hidden camera outside, and the amateur inside! Only one camera because the customer couldn't accept my cameraman! it's a private moment between a prostitute and his customer. Private, but share because of the courtesy of my customer! in this video, i am wearing the minimum of clothes...micro skirt, pantyhose, leather jacket and red high heels boots. watch me working on the guy! traditionnal suck and fuck, doggy style, and cum in my mouth