Girl on Girl HOM Tutorial



American / Las Vegas
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Mishka and Salbique are at a party and it is starting to fizzle out. Sablique wonders where Mishkas boyfriend is and finds out that he has been acting strange towards Mishka ever since she implemented her new HOM techniques. Stunned and confused, Sablique runs over all the things she taught Mishka and realizes that she forgot to teach her invasive techniques. Sablique suggests that Mishka be the subject this time around so she knows exactly what to do and what it will feel like. To be 100% sure Mishkas got it, Sablique requests that Mishka try the new things she just learned on her. Stuffing hands in each others mouths, fish hooks and even tooth scratching make this experience one that neither of them will forget! After the two have taught and practiced more HOM on each other, Sablique suggests that they get out of there since the guy in the corner just watched them invade each others mouths and was being a bit creepy about it. Will Mishkas boyfriend actually shut up and take the glorious teachings of Miss Lux or will she be back again to seek more HOM knowledge