Worthless Earthling



American / Las Vegas
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Well well well... Look who has come crawling back. Your "work" is unacceptable. Even with all the training and motivation, you STILL can't succed in being anything other than a worthless little worm. You make me sick! You're not even worth the filth on the bottom of my lovely feet, yet I gave it to you anyway. What do you give me in return? A smug little smile and a feeling that you have done something right. HA! The stupidity of you earthlings is astounding. I graced you with my presence prior and gave you one simple task that you couldn't complete. What an idiot! Instead of giving you your second test, I will simply critique your poor performance. My gorgeous foot is still filthy, it's disgusting.. Just like you. As for that little trip I promised you, well... Needless to say, your pathetic ass is staying here on earth. Taking you to my home planet so you can harrass and annoy the beautiful women who reside there is absolutley OUT OF THE QUESTION LOSER!! If you want to keep your head, your cock or your sad little life, I suggest that you dont argue with me. Take your punishment and accept it as the last gift I will ever bestow to you. On the other hand, I could just as easily return home and bring back several of my choice goddesses and we could hunt you down. Afterall, its what we're used to. Exterminating the weak. It's better for everyone if you are just removed from existence. Maybe you would've done better with another chance. Actually put some effort into the task that was given to you.. But who am I kidding? You're worthless now, and you will forever remain that way. One last piece of advice.. Get the fuck out of here before I ruin you completely and permantently