Facial and Selfies 2 Cheer Up Neighbor

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A hot blonde walks into a room where her neighbor is to try to console him about going through his divorce. She has no idea what he is doing and when she turns to look at him she sees that he is masturbating. She is surprised but asks him not to stop. She confides in him that she has always found him attractive and she wants him to keep stroking his dick for her. As he does she offers him plenty of masturbation encouragement and even talks about how she would like to jerk him off all over her big tits. She then tells him she want him to keep jerking off and cum for her. But she doesn't just want any cumshot. She wants to really cheer him up so she tells him she will let him give her a nice cum facial. He loves the idea and continues to jerk off for her. When he is getting close, she gets on her knees in his POV and his cock finally comes into view for the huge spurting of cum. His cumshot goes all over her face and she loves the facial treat she is getting. She then does something to help cheer him up even more. She proceeds to take a series of selfies with the sticky facial fresh on her face. She tells him she will send the pictures to him so that he can look at them any time he feels down. She then confesses she will enjoy herself later thinking about what just happened and she hopes that they can have this little encounter turns into something more mutually beneficial for the both of them. Included in this clip: Facials, Cum Facial, Cum on Face, Sweater Fetish, Jeans Fetish, Caught Jerking Off, Cumshot, CFNM, Masturbation Encouragement, POV, Naughty Neighbor, Selfies, Facial Selfies, Slut Neighbor, Blondes