Dad, Daughter, Sister: Casual Sex

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Dad, Daughter, Sister: Casual Sex Starring Sade Rose & Tammie Madison Tammie is so glad that Sade has joined the family, she has always wanted a sister. Tammie knows that dad will be super excited too. "Will he really?" asks Sade. "Of course. He's going to want to make sure you feel very welcome." Sade lets out a little nervous giggle. "You know that we have a very special type of family here, don't you?" Sade had heard the rumours. "Well, dad thinks it would be perfect if you got relaxed. So..." Tammie pulls out a magic wand vibrator. "Why don't you get naked and get comfortable?" Sade strips off. She lies between Tammie's legs as she begins to masturbate. Tammie is in awe as she watches her sister play. Following Sade's orgasm, Tammie encourages her to curl up in her lap and snooze. Soon, dad will be back, and she will need all her energy for what he has in store for her