Desperation/First Peeing in The Morning

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I wear silky red nightgown in video without panty on. I have to pee so much , feel so bad.Desperation so much. I did not pee after wake up just keep holding it. Had a lot of water and I felt I could pee myself in every minute, but I held it till I could. You can see on my face how much I have to pee, actually when I started to film I couldn't say any word just holding my pussy. I thought if I tell something pee myself right now :) I'm doing desperation moves and lifting up my legs try to hold my pee. But the moment came and I squat over on the toilet and peeing with very big stream, you can hear it how strong it. Hit the toilet so much. Then I show you my pee in the toilet, telling you it is a bit yellow because of my first pee in the morning. I always try to drinking enough water to keep myself clean. Then I squat again over on the toilet and pee more, I repeat this few times then showing my pee at the end too. :) Of course you can see my pussy and for a little time show off my butt, butt hole