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Mila Swift

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Now this is what I call a Daddy's girl. Mila loves being naughty for her Daddy and tonight she wants to prove it! So she gets home from school rushes to her Daddies office and sets up a comfy spot on the floor. She sits on the sexy furry blanket and pleasures herself waiting for her daddy, and that is where the video starts. Oh my god! so much amazing dirty talk moaning! Your sexy little girl loves showing off her swollen she-cock in every position and she really really wants to make Daddy cum!! She gets so close to cumming and asks if she is allowed, but she knows better than that and she holds it back with quivers and wipers like a good girl. "Milk me Daddy" she moans and squeals as she jerks herself from behind with her sweet tight ass in the air and her adorable face on the floor where it belongs. "I'm gonna cum... oh no" she moans as she twitches and heaves a heavy load of hot cum all over herself! Then like all good girls should she licks up all the cum and tells daddy she loves him. FUUUCCK yes