Daddy I'm Home

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Princess Bambie

American / Avalon
2,434 5.0
10:54 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 1.24 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Goodguy5157 - Top reviewer Nov 11
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This is another amazing Bambie video. She is so excited to be reunited with her daddy. The upskirt views of her pussy and beautiful booty are incredibly hot. Bambie knows just how to show her daddy how much she missed him.

In this cute little video, I've just returned from my summer camping trip horny and missing my Daddy. Being away from him for so long has given me plenty of opportunity to think of fun ways to tease him. I waltz inside wearing a new dress I got on my trip just for him. I tell him all about my camp adventures and admit to going to my cabin to play every night thinking about him. I really don't want to be in trouble, but I also admit to going panty-less on the bus ride so my pussy would be all wet and ready for him when I got home. I ask Daddy to take out his cock while I show off the dance I choreographed and practiced all summer just for him. Pretty soon he's rock hard and stroking himself while I tease him with my dance, giving him short peeks up my skirt, bending over and showing off the booty he loves so much. I can tell how horny he is and ask him to please fuck me, to which he is more than happy to oblige. Impatient as heck I start riding Daddy's cock right there in the front room, playing with my perky little tits and moaning about how good his cock feels in my pussy and how much Ive missed being fucked. Before long Daddy shoots a big load deep inside my pussy and we watch it drip out together as I tell him how good it felt. I sit up and thank him for the amazing sex, telling him how much I've missed him and promising to never leave him again before licking our juices off of my finger