Barmaid Sasha's Party Tricks

3,426 5.0

Sasha de Sade

British / Europe
3,426 5.0
17:45 min - Oct 12 - .MP4 - 1.28 GB - 3840x2160 HD


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This is the greatest cocktail I've ever drink!

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beautiful girl making the perfect drink, definitely worth purchasing

On a dark, sticky night, you walk into Barmaid Sasha's joint to a filthy surprise...The bar is empty, apart from you and your TS host, who remembers JUST how you like your beverage... desperate to cool down, she ices her throbbing cock and nipples, then climbs up onto the bar and uses her gaping, hot hole to mix your cocktail. Next she slides your ice deep inside her arsehole for that extra special flavour before popping them one by one, straight from her arsehole into your glass. Barmaid Sasha finishes off by adding an extra special splash of tranny cream to both your drinks, before swallowing hers like the thirsty whore she is... then it's your turn to swallow
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