Freebie Tuesday

Wenona Jerks Then Tickles You

7:55 min - Oct 12 - .WMV - 344.87 MB


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HIGH DEF - 1920 X 1080 HD WMV!!! Wenona has you nude on the bed. She is naked sitting in between your legs, her beautiful fit body, perky tits and pointy nipples in perfect view. She lubes up your cock and begins stroking it, making you so hard. She jerks your cock with her experienced hands. She strokes your man meat until you shoot your load, spewing hot jizz all over your own stomach. Now she wants to tickle you! She tickles your tummy, groin, inner thighs, legs, penis, balls, ass, and perineum using only her fingers and long fingernails. She wiggles her fingers around your crotch, on your shaft, and over the head of your penis. She tickles your bare feet, up and down your sensitive soles and in between your toes. You never realized how hysterically ticklish you were after orgasm! Wenona is a sexy vixen and an evil tickler, and she thoroughly enjoys every minute of you of being jerked and tickled and ruining your orgasm. This could be your dream come true or your worst nightmare! This is a very hot POV clip which brilliantly combines ecstasy with agony and sexual pleasure with post orgasm /ruined orgasm, and is shot from the point of view of the ticklee