Freebie Tuesday

Anabelles Depressed Pedals



American / Atlanta, GA
9:41 min - Nov 21 - .MP4 - 722.40 MB


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One really really important thing is for her not to be holding the steering wheel or resting her hand on the gear shifter.  
 Just her feet are actually doing anything pertaining to the car and that is to be holding down both pedals(even though it's not really necessary). You get it?  Tell her to try to make sure her toes are all the way "up" in the sandal.  Her toes should be filling up the part of the front of the sandal. Camera is 60 % on her feet but also lots of shots of her pretty face and long legs(she's wearing shorts).  Try to get some whole body shots even though that'll be hard being so close up.  
She gets in the car.  With her right leg pulled back she depresses the clutch and starts the engine.  After about 5 seconds she depresses the brake too.  During the whole clip I want her to be depressing the pedals not just resting her feet on them.  Like you're sitting on a hill waiting for a light to change for example.  
 After about 15 seconds she puts the car in gear.  That's it pretty much.  

2mins:(Close up on Feet)

2mins:(full view) while she's sitting there with both her feet holding down the pedals and the car in gear.  She decides to make a phone call.  So now she's talking on the phone with both her feet holding down the pedals. 

4mins:(Close up on feet) If she doesn't know what to say make her just be listening a lot.  I don't want her to do anything weird with her feet like wiggle them around and such.  
 She's on the phone and she isn't paying attention to the car but still holding down both pedals. 
 Make sure her clutch foot is visible and not disappearing under the dash.   Okay after about 2-3 minutes of just holding down the pedals talking on the phone and not touching the steering wheel or shifter or anything actually that controls the car she turns off the engine and gets out